Friday, June 27, 2008


Playing tennis is not an easy job. I think tennis is the toughest game among the games where we play with the ball. We have to have real stamina to play tennis. It’s a real game. I always wanted to play tennis during my school days but I never had a chance. It’s always a good feel to watch tennis. It will be more interesting if there are more backhand shots and shots which are hitting on the line. Learning tennis is not so easy like playing cricket. It’s more difficult to learn and it will take year to say that “I play tennis”. Putting the service and retuning the service is the toughest part for me as of now. When I was watching tennis I used to get irritated if the player keeps hitting the net when he puts the service. Now I understand how difficult is to put a correct service. I just found that the fastest service as of now is 249.4 km by Andy Roddick. I have to play continuously and I have to write about my fastest service, game point, service breaks… Though I am very interested in playing tennis I can’t stop play and watch cricket. According to me if it’s Cricket Vs Tennis I will say cricket is 1% above than tennis. I may change this in future if I play well in tennis.

My work is a game, a very serious game. - MC Escher

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Cycle

I was studying 4th standard and I used to sleep very early (comparing to now a days) at 10pm itself. It was almost 12 my dad and my uncle came with a surprise gift. I couldn’t even recognize weather it’s a dream or real. It’s a captain cycle (blue color) and they were asking me to ride. Tough it’s 12 I want to ride but I was too sleepy. I have just ridded inside our home itself and they were happy. Yes we have plenty of open space in center of our home. I hope you have seen in many movies which suited in villages. There was one more event which made me to laugh at that time. They were asking my brother to ride but he couldn’t since he was too lazy, he didn’t even getup from the bed :-). He was always lazy than me but now when I am at our home he leaves to work before I getup (Yellam kalam seyitha kolam). Now it’s not even a 10 days per year where we use to live in the same home. I came out from our sweet home around 8 years back to enter into college after that our home is become a tourism spot or relatives house. Tough I was the first person to ride the cycle I couldn’t take the ownership of it. But I became an owner because I am the person who sits in the back (People use to say that the person who sits in the back seat of the car is the owner). My brother has to carry me for a long time.
I don’t even think about a single day were we don’t have fight while we were going to school. The fight was always like main dish in our journey.

It’s good experience to fight with your own brother like a lifetime enemy. I hope the same situation could have been happened in many families where they have two boys in their family. He used drop me in middle of the way and made me to walk when the fight becomes very peak. Sometimes I have to walk the whole route (around 4 km’s :-(). There were some days he may come back and asking me to sit but at that movement my anger could have been sitting on my head so I won’t even listen to him. Even though I had an equal share in that cycle he owned it completely for a long time. I never carried him in the cycle but he should carry me for the whole period and that was the only advantage for me.

When ever I see that cycle I used to remember those old days and some times I may laugh myself.

You have to know how to accept rejection and reject acceptance. - Ray Bradbury

Monday, June 16, 2008

Cricket and first time Tennis

The weekend was very short though I got up early in the noon. :-) It was very hot for the past two days. Saturday we went to shopping and spent huge amount for the grocery alone. I had a chance to go to the new stores where I was never before (Chinese, American and Indian store). After the shopping we didn’t even have time to have coffee since it’s already 6.15. Yes it was our playing time and we went the baseball ground where we used to play cricket. We were able to play two games and then the rain has stopped us to continue further.

Sunday as usual after getting up late I have directly jumped into lunch preparation. It’s almost 4.15 when we completed our lunch and we had 30 minutes to watch some mokai program in you tube. At 5 we left the room to play cricket, unfortunately the base ball ground has been occupied by the base ball players so we couldn't play there. Then people were searching for the place where we can play cricket at that time I got a company to play Tennis. Tennis is one of my favorite game and I used to watch from my childhood. I never had chance to play tennis. It was really difficult to play tennis than watching it. Yes it took a while for me to put a correct service take the service from the other player. At the mean time people have found some other ground to play cricket. I am back to the game which I know well. Though its baseball ground it was well suited for us. Today the game was little bit tougher and there was aggression from some people too. Now a days the game is getting interested, probably if we get two or three more people to play I can remember the old days where I used to play cricket in my native place.
Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dosa by jogging

Wow... It's really nice to have dosa for dinner. That too with Kadalai chatiny... After i came to US it's really hard to get dosa once in a week. Thank god we have a shiva grocery here to get dough when ever we want. Today i went to jogging till grocerry to get the dough :-).... Tomorrow onwards i am planning to go jogging till shiva grocery.

It was a borring day since i was updating the documentation. When i felt sleepy arun's blog and the indian score card has helped me to get up. I hate the documentaion but still i need to complete the documentation by tomorrow :-(.

Still we didn't book the ticket for dasavatharam. :-(
Let's hope to book the ticket tomorrow and try to complete the document too.. :-)

I like persons better than principles, and I like persons with no principles better than anything else in the world. - Oscar Wilde

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Feels like home

Miami is more or like my home except that my family members were missing. Starting from kayaking till the Indian restaurant everything was awesome. This is the first time in my life doing the kayaking not only that the jet skiing, Para-sailing and the ever forgettable camping near to the sea shore.

Even I couldn’t remember the day when I went to the most south part in India (Kaniyakumari), but now I’ll never forget the place in the most south part of US where I’ve visited now. Yes it’s Key West Island and I will remember each and every second that I have spent over there. How could I forget the Jet Ski ride where I have touched Ninety kilo meter speed? It was true fun and enjoyment in the clean sea water for more than hour. Mano’s spike hair style after the ride will long lost from my memory and the 5 feet jump while kamal was riding that jet. Wow too many memories to remember the trip for the whole time. We were lucky to have kamal over there to let us explore these new places where I wouldn’t expect in future. Thanks da pangu to make this trip a memorable one. All these trip happenings couldn’t be possible without our boss Jag. I hope he will never forget my presence in Miami even if I will. Without him the trip was not so funny that too when we drive to Key West and the camping mokai.

The only bad luck in the whole trip was we couldn’t succeed in the fishing and we were disappointed that satheesh couldn’t continue the trip since he was really busy with his studies. But we will never forget the chicken Biriyani that he made on Saturday night and I am sure that it was one of the best biriyani that I ever had in my life. Till the end I couldn’t have time to ride kamal’s bike but I didn’t forget to get the pics with that.

When they left us in airport all the happiest movements were gone. Yes the flight was delayed by almost two hours and we spent almost 30 mins to collect our packages though we were the last person to get down from the flight. After that the delay was with us till I reach my room, yes the R1 train from airport to central city didn’t go on time because of that we had to cancel our dinner plan. I was waiting in the bus stop to go to my room and it was heavy rain & thunderstorm and it remembers my native place. Even though the bus started on time it reached my place 15 mins late. After that I had do walk around a mile and it was started drizzling. I was trying to run to avoid getting wet since I was too tired I couldn’t able to run. Thank god it was just drizzling not a heavy rain till I reach my room.

Finally I have reached my room and had some good sleep. Now I am back to my battle again. I hope to continue this blog …

The only time people dislike gossip is when you gossip about them. - Will Rogers

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

100 % Utilization

After a long time i could spend few minitues to put a entry in log file about my status using the old HTML style. It was a 100 % uilizataion for the past 3 months and i need to reboot my brain to back into normal performance. So i have planned to shutdown my services for the 4 days starting from this saturday. The notification has been sent to all the users who wants to squeeze me. Once the miami maintanence is successfully done then my utilization will be normal (May be less than 20 %) and the memory will also be reduced.

Just trying to put mokai in a new way.. :-)

Public speaking is the art of diluting a two-minute idea with a two-hour vocabulary. - Evan Esar