Sunday, August 30, 2009

Force India starts it's count

I didn’t do much in this month but still didn’t even write a single post. I have became an lazy man because of the work. Though it’s a little bit of challenge I don’t want to work on what I am working on right now. The work is in very old technology compared to what’s out there in today’s market and what’s to going to be released in next couple of months.

I used to follow F1 news from my collage days and i am happy that Force India had put's their entry in the points table. As I was looking into the news two days back, I was talking to my roommate that Force India is yet to starts its point. Next day morning when I saw the news, I was surprised that “Fisichella” has got into the pole position and I was telling my roomy that If he can win the race then it will be great. Today when i see the news Fisichella has got the second position and won 8 points. It’s the Force India's first point for this season and I am sure Vijay Mallya could have been floating in the air. Fisichella could have won the race, but Raikanon has got the lead because of the KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems).

Now the Force India is standing in 9th position and just 8 points away from Renault and I hope that they will get into the 8th position by end of this season.