Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 2009, Future won't forget

I am getting too lazy to write a post in a blog and I am really feeling bad about it. First two weeks of this month I was busy with my work and I couldn’t find time to write a post, after that even though I was not busy the habit of not writing blog’s for two weeks took two more weeks to recover from that laziness and finally I am writing this post while I have to finish something before tomorrow.

There are lot’s of things have happened in this month which the future won’t forgot. On the first day of month there was big shocking news for the air travelers which was “Air France flight is missing”. After a long search they could recover only few bodies and still they couldn’t find the black box of it and it’s not going to be found hereafter since the 30 days are over now and they won’t be getting any signal to search for it.

For the cricket fans the second T20 world cup was expected to be big treat and most of the people were saying that India is having a good chance of winning the T20 world cup. As a shocking news Aussies were thrown out in the first round and the defending champion have ended their journey without winning a single match in the super eight round.

In India, swine flue cases were increasing each and every day because of the people who were travelling from US and it was the head lines for more than half a month in Indian news sites but it was never a head lines in the US news channel.

There was big shocking news for most of the music lovers in the world, MJ the King of Pop is dead. Still it’s a head lines in most of the channels and it's related to the controversies in his death and still there is no clear answer for it.

At the end of this month there is one more flight crash (Comoros) and the reason for that is “bad weather”. A baby is rescued alive from its debris and I guess till now the baby is the only person who is alive from that crash.

One thing to notice in this month is that the economy news was not in head lines like which was happening continuously for more than 5 months , and I hope it will be back on track soon.

And i have got my first new phone which is I-Phone 3G S :)