Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Movies Three in a row..

Slum Dog Millionaire

The other side of the Mumbai has been shown with the stunning cinematography. Concept of one hour show has kept the momentum till the end of 2 hour movie. It’s a must watch movie. Now it’s started getting released in many new theaters after a month the movie has been into the show, I expect it would be a huge hit.

Yes Man

This is the first time I am seeing Jim carry’s movie in theater and it’s worth watching. It’s just a concept of saying the word “Yes”. How simple is that???????? Go and watch it.

Seven Pounds

The movie from the director who directed the Pursuit of happiness. He has proved once again and I have almost cried. Single man (Will smith) steals the show and I always like him acting in these kinds of movies.  Screenplay was awesome though it was slightly slow for 10 minutes in the first half. Definitely one should watch.

In all of these three movies there is one similarity which is the concept behind the movie. It’s simple but so powerful. I wonder how these Hollywood directors are taking such movies. There is something on them.. :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thanks giving trip Third Day..

We were little bit tired since we had a long travel on second day but still we were exited to see the Yellow stone national park. We started little bit early since we had heavy schedule planned on that day and needs to travel more than day 2. There are two entrance to the park, the one from the east side of the park and don’t think that it’s just a park for few acres of land it’s almost 5 to 10% (May be in 1000s of acres) of Wyoming state and we were just 70 miles away from the west entrance. We get into the highway and there was message on the road which we used see in all roads we have been travelling. It says “Road closed when flashing” with two yellow light above that and unfortunately the lights were flashing which we didn’t see on those past two days. Everybody has started suggesting their own idea and finally everyone said the same answer “I am ok for anything” but nobody has suggested that “anything”. By that time we have drove almost 10 miles which is going to be closed soon and we saw one big lake that’s what I said but actually it was a Dam, we stopped to take few photos. Damn it was very cold and we just enquired one person (Seems like an army officer) who was sitting in his car and waiting for someone. He said that the road is closed and asked us to return to Cody (from where we started) and enquire in Visitor center. What to do let’s return and go and catch the Visitor center and get some idea how to enter into the national park. “Turn left and you have reached your destination” says our GPS. We were running towards the door, OMG it’s closed !!!!!! Already an hour has gone and we don’t know how to go there and thought of driving to Rapid City (RC) which is 400 miles away and the place where we supposed reach late in the night. In the previous night when we entered into the city we thought it is a big city but we couldn’t find anyone to ask about the alternate route. Thank god there was a Gas station and seems to there is one person inside it and we asked him the alternate route for the park. He said the northeast entrance is always open and we can enter into the park and inside the park most of the roads were closed. We taught ok why can’t we just drive till afternoon and return to Rapid City from there. The route which we are going now is in the opposite direction to RC. So we had to make the travel as less as possible but there was no way for that. The north entrance is 150 miles away from Cody. Ok lets drive don’t waste time says our Guider/Driver. After we reach the entrance we realized that we didn’t miss anything and we had chance to see lot’s good place from there. Yes it was beauty.. see the photo’s..

Now we are in the entrance and never thought of returning back and decided to travel in the same direction since the place was awesome and the road was fully filled with snow. We decided to go till the Cooke City (has only a few 10’s of home and it’s a city) which is in the center of park. We had to fill our Gas and we had only one Gas station in that city and luckily it was open. We were very happy since we say lot’s Snow mobiles standing outside those few houses and when we saw the board “Snow mobile will available for rent” we were almost into the peak of our happiness. Again our bad luck unfortunately the snow mobiles are not available since the snow was very less and they said 10 feet of snow is needed for that. But for us seeing those few feats of snow itself a huge thing. The Gas keeper suggested that if we still drive on the same road we can see lot’s wild animals and the drive will be so nice. As she said it was wonderful we could see lot’s animals and we have crossed one more state and entered into Montana state area. And we were seeing the travel guide, except one place everything was closed and it’s Mamood hot springs. After 3 hours drive unfortunately the place was not as good as we expected. But the whole drive was awesome and it’s evening we are behind the schedule by 4 hours. We need to drive back to RC and when we checked in GPS its 550 miles, ooo god the expected reach time is 1.30 Am. All the fun that we had in the day time has gone after seeing 7 hours of drive in GPS display. What to do no other go, we had to go yo RC and we drove. When 3 hours of drive is being left I took over the driver’s responsibility and what a bad time it was, it started snowing for an hour. Though the snow looks good the driving was really tough. I had to be very careful and my Co-driver was giving me lot’s tips while driving. Finally we reached the hotel one hour ahead of time that GPS shows.. Tomorrow it’s going to be about Mount Rushmore.. So stay tuned..

I am sorry if I had put lots of mokai on this…

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Thanks giving trip Second day

As I was busy with my work I couldn’t continue my trip memories on the next day. I thought today I have worked too much and decided to complete the trip memories.
One of my friend suggested that he wants to know culture and other info for those places that we went. And his comments are really a valid so I am going to add some more stuff other than my memories. The next day we went to Rocky mountain in Denver and people used to say this place is good for skiing and the time when we went was no suited for skiing though there were some frozen lakes in the mountain. Before we go there I heard that there are 150 lakes in and around Rocky Mountain. But we were manage to visit only few in half a day since we had to travel almost 500 miles for the next place. We want to spend the half day usefully and we went to information center and it is really an info center not like a tourism center which we have in India and it was very useful for us. But in India we can stop anywhere we want and get the info from anyone over there and it’s not possible here. As per the map we got from the info center we drove thru some of the roads and the place was so beautiful and I realized it seems like the Himalayas though I just those only in photo’s. Today also we have seen some places/roads which were closed but it’s not because of the holiday it’s because of the snow. We went to Bear Lake which was completely frozen and people were just playing like anything in the corner. I and my friend went to the middle of the lake and people started entering into the middle and this is the fist time in my life I am seeing, standing and playing. The Frozen ice was hard like a rock but it was looking like a Glass. The temperature was below -5 and we couldn’t spend more time outside. Then the long drive begins to Cody (City 70 miles away from yellow stone National Park) and we reached around 10.30 in the night and we were completely tired. Just before we reach the hotel in the middle of road we seen a deer is crossing.
And I am tired now and will be continued… :)

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Thanks giving holiday trip..Day one

One of my longest trips ended very soon. Still I couldn’t overcome from the tiredness but I have forced to complete one task as soon as possible. Since we drove almost 2500 miles in four day we should be tired. Initially I taught of writing a post each day from my trip at the end of day the tiredness won and I couldn’t able to write it also i was following the Mumbai terror attack news. The climate was very cold and we could able to survive till the end though there was heavy snow and heavy wind while driving.

Day One: Thanks Giving Day
We started with a place called Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado Springs and it was just built for tourism and it’s one of the high suspension bridges in the world. The bridge is just connecting the two canyons and it might be half a mile long but its 1100 feats above from the ground. There was a creek underneath the bridge and the view was awesome and there was railway on the coastal of creek too. There was a sky diving at the top of the mountain and it’s 1250 above from the ground and we had a chance to ride and it was a thrilling experience. After completing the Royal Gorge Bridge we felt hungry and it was very hard to find a restaurant or any food store since it’s a holiday. At last we found one (சாமி சோறு சோறு .... !!!!!) and they were about to close but they didn’t tell us till we were waiting to pay the bill. Since it was a closing time they didn’t want us to pay the bill they just asked us to pay the tip if we really want to give and we gave the amount which we supposed to pay. Due to this delay in finding the restaurant we have missed on beautiful place in a few minutes of delay. We were supposed to enter into the Peaks Pike at 3 O’clock but unfortunately we were late by 10 minutes. (வெள்ளக்காரன் கரெக்டா டைம் மெயின்டெயின் பண்றான்.. !!!!!!! ) Then we decided to go to other places which we had it in our list like Cave of the Winds, Seven Falls.. but everything was closed. Finally before we leave the Colorado Springs we went to Garden of the Gods which should have been closed as per the schedule but it was open and we never find any official people or gate to stop us to enter into that Garden. Finally it looks like it was full of sand rocks in a red color and we don’t the reason why did they named it as Garden of God’s. We could see lots of people in the garden and we taught that they are also same like us. It was almost 5 in the evening and we decided to leave to the hotel having one place (US Air Force Academy) in a mind to visit on the way to hotel. I never thought that they will allow us inside at 5 O’ clock and surprisingly they did. We were very eager to see that place because of this building…

While I started writing this post I taught of completing the whole trip in one post but there is lot to write about the places that we went and I will continue in the future posts..