Thursday, February 11, 2010

Back to work - When?

This is the first time I took a long break from my work and literally still it’s continuing. I went for a vacation to my home for three weeks and I had to extend it for one more week since I got typhoid during that time. It helped in one way that I could stay in home with my mom and dad for longer time. But now it’s really driving me crazy since I got a disease which may transfer to others, so I have to get the medical clearance before I go to office. Luckily I got an appointment on a first day and the doctor asked me to take some tests and it’s supposed to be ready in two days but still I am waiting for the result to come.

To find out whether my report is ready I’ve called my doctor this morning and the reply is a big NO. After I had cut the call, immediately my doctor called me and said, “I forgot to say you that you have to take few more tests, so can you go to the Lab and call me back?”. Bad luck, I went to the Lab which is couple of miles away from my home, on a normal day it’s an easy drive but when you have a record high snow it’s really difficult. After a slippery drive I’ve reached the lab only to see a board which says “We are closed due to the weather, Sorry for the inconvenience”. Bad luck becomes Bad luck2, now I don’t have an option except waiting till the next day for few more new tests.

I don’t know have an idea when I am going to get the report, until then I can’t go to the office which is really making me lazy and lonely, that too after spending a month with my family.