Monday, August 25, 2008


When you get a chance sleep well... If somebody asks me what's the best thing which is happening in my day to day life.. without even thinking for a second i will say it's sleep.... I always love to sleep and there were times when i used to sleep only 4 hours a day for almost a month. (That too when you in onsite) Now i am happy that i can able to sleep 7 to 8 hours day.. So when you get a chance sleep well and have good dreams. One of the reason that i love sleep is because of the good dreams.. You will get most of the things which are not possible in the real world and most of the times you won't remember what was happened when you get up... Some times I've noticed that when i sleep less i had very bad dreams. So sleep well.... :-)

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Monday, August 18, 2008

BitDefender - Trojan

These two technical terms should act like enemy. But in my laptop both are joined together to take revenge on me. It goes like this, my system got affected by trojan virus and symatec anti virus keeps popping up with the message" Virus found... ". I got irritated and even that stupid trojan has removed the desktop and the screen saver properties. So i did the full scan in my symantec and it didn't find any and keeps popping up at times. I decided to get around with it and i have installed one adware to remove it and it's found lot's of virus and asked me to register to cleanup those. But i have deleted most of them manually and my roommate suggested the bitdefender anti virus. After that myself and my laptop lost the control to this stupid bitdefender. It took the complete control of the system and even i couldn't uninstall it. I have tried till 2.30 am from 11 pm at Saturday night. Still i couldn't resolve from that and i decided to sleep after the uninstall started for the BD(Bitdefender). I had put the alarm at 6 O clock in the morning since i need to support one application on Sunday, if i can't resolve the issue then that's it.. they will kill me... :-(
Still no luck when i looked the system at 6 it got hanged and it didn't even uninstall the stupid BD. I tried till 7 and finally found a way to delete the files manually instead of uninstalling it... that too i have to delete it before the service starts. I had to restart3 to 4 times to delete the files. I had to used command prompt too,,,,
Thank god at 7:15 i got the control back of my system and the funniest things is the BD was getting uninstalled though most of it's files are deleted. Who cares, i just wanted my control back and i got it.. .. :-)

Then i stated windows live scan (one care from Microsoft) and i had put my alarm at 9 and went back to sleep. Who wants to sit in front of the system at Sunday from 6 am onwards. Again i checked at 9 and only 50 % of scan was completed and it found one thread and i was happy that i can sleep one more hour. Finally i got up at 10.30 and it got completed and it's removed all the threads.

My biggest advice at the end is never ever try to install any anti-virs unless you know about it. I could have tried the AVG .. :-(

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- Fred Allen

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Superb blog..

After a long time I had a chance to read some Tamil post and it was really a awesome experience. I was laughing alone in office while I was reading it and it has brought lot’s of memories from my past. I couldn't remember a single instance where i was laughing while reading. The way he written with the lot’s of humor makes me to thinking of writing some post in Tamil. The examples and the slang that he has used is too good.

Here is link for the post…

I have red all of his posts from that blog and the short stories are too good in that…

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I never felt that the salary is good enough in my three years of corporate experience. I hope it will never happen and it’s the same for most of the people. When I was getting my first month salary I was thinking that 20 % more would be sufficient. But when I was getting that 20 % more I was expecting 30 % more than what I was getting… Its goes like this and I am thinking does any one is really felt that their salary is good enough? This is the only reason which is hitting my mind to think of starting my own business. Obviously I don’t have answer for most of the questions like which business, when to start and where to start…. I will be really happy if read the block after 5 to 10 year down the line with my dream achieved. Let’s wait and see what happens…
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Learning is always a easy for new technologies. But it's tougher to recollect the one which you have already learned and it's taking more time than the first time. This will happen when you switch the technologies front and back and i am almost wasting most of the time. Still i could remember that i had put lot's of enthusiasm to learn new technologies but now i am not at all showing any interest to recollect those things even though i am forced to do it.

According to me weather it's a technologies or people "The first impression is always the best impression"...

Advertising is the modern substitute for argument; its function is to make the worse appear the better. - George Santayana

Sunday, August 10, 2008


It’s a dangerous thing if it happens many times in a friends circle. Now days I am involving in lot’s of arguments and that’s end up in a fight. Its starts from any topic like cinema, mobile, car, movie, politics etc… Wherever there is group of 4 or more people with me and we started arguing and most of the time its end up in a fight and it’s causing some issues within our relationship. I don’t know weather I am thinking with the time or going ahead of it is causing the problem. Most of the time I tried not to involve in most of topics but because of the stupid conversation that they are having in front of me making me to involve in that and it ends up in a serious discussion. After the fight it will be compromised only by Google. Thanks to Google for finding out anything and I am sure Google would be the ideal solution for most of arguments in the friends circle.

Anyway I should control myself to stop involving in those big arguments which are end up with fight though they are having some stupid conversation.

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Thursday, August 07, 2008


A simple word but has lots of meaning in dictionary. But it's difficult to follow when it comes under the standards or the Quality team. :-(

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Kuselan – A Business

It’s a great business under the name of “Super Star”. A single line of story to recollect his previous movies. But not even a single scene which is comparable to the original movies. I think he wants to touch the people sentimentally. Like how MGR did in his movies. But he is using the friendship as a medium and it’s just one movie which won’t create that impact. They have used nice technique at the end of the movie for 20 minutes to let everyone talk about Rajini’s real character. It wont’ creates that impact since everyone knows his real life as "he was a conductor". In the movie they have told that too.. When pasupathy was telling that he is a friend of Rajini, santhanam will ask him “If you are friend of Rajini you can be driver but how can Rajini be a friend of Barber”.

I red lot’s of reviews which was explaining about “Rajini has answered most of the questions that everyone wants to know”. But it was not even worth for a single percent of what the review says.

At the end it will be a huge hit in south India and the producer will be very happy..

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Monday, August 04, 2008


Which is the best time that people used to think for no reason? I hope most of the people think in their day to day life. Some will think 5 mins some will think 30mins and some will be more than that. I will come under the second category and I always think while I am on the bed before I go to sleep. Sometimes I will sleep in a minute before I start thinking. But the worst time is always Sunday night. It’s really a hard time for me to go sleep on Sunday night. It’s always more than an hour and some days it will be more than two hours. I don’t know how many of you having the same problem. I am thinking people who are working only on weekdays may have this issue. Today I don’t want to think too much…. Let’s see weather I’ll be able to find an answer for this…. .

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