Monday, October 27, 2008

Life without a women.. Can you imagine..?????

Today as usual I was searching the TV programs in techsatish since there were lot’s of Diwali special programs. If it’s really a good program then they used to put it in the first page. When I opened the page I saw an interview with Surya from jaya tv which was named as "கனவுகள் ஆயிரம்" . It was a good program where his friends have spoken about him. As usual he is very humble and accepted that he has lots of duty left on him. For a moment I realized and taught that I should never forget my past and I should be as I am now and should not change in the future whatever i am going to be.
Then I was looking for one of my favorite program (Super singer) and I found that something which starts with sivakumar. I was very egar to watch that program and it was named as “சிவக்குமார் வாழ்க்கையில் தாய், மனைவி, மகள் ”. It was all about women who are in his life and the important of women in life. I should say that I have never seen program like this or never heard anything like this till now. I hope it’s because he has explained his own story and it’s really touched my heart and most of people who were listening were crying. He had lot’s of humor and made us laugh some times. I can say that some of those incidents were happened in my life too. It was all about my Amma. Of course I can’t say that the rest of his incidents has happened to me or will happen to me since I am far away to talk or think about the next two women’s who are going to be In my life… I have almost cried in some places and I am sure if you watch this you will also feel the same. Now I realized that why Surya is so humble.. I always respect this artists from the cine world and now I am thinking I should be at least 10% of what he spoke and I wish I should watch this video once in a year to follow it..
Please watch this to know where you stand and not when you find time … His speech is only 45 minutes and almost more than 30 minutes are ads… Don’t scold me for that.. J
I am sure it’s really deserved the word “worth watching it...”

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lot’s of things has happened in the past one week..

India has registered their biggest win in test and Australia has faced its biggest defeat in the past decade. I would say Dhoni has done an excellent job as a captain than the batsman though he got two 50’s. The good captaincy always makes the difference irrespective of their opponent.
Last week I went to Pittsburg to get some blessings from Venkadasalapathy. I am quite happy with that trip.
First time in US I went to see doctor. Last week I fell down in tennis court and I got little bit of scratch in my right elbow and it didn’t get healed till now. I was really worried since it was a very small scratch and normally it didn't even take more than 3 days to get healed when I was in India. And finally decided to go to doctor and got the appointment yesterday. She just gave some antibiotic tablets and she also checked my BP and the same old story and it’s little bit high. I never knew that it was a long process to get the tablet from pharmacy. It took almost 15 minutes to get the tablet and my friend told it was very fast. Compared to India the tablet is very costly and the pharmacist told that It’s not that expensive. Then only I realized that how important to have the insurance when you are here.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Now a days it’s really difficult for me to sleep without listening to songs. I used to listen music when I was working from offshore and I was wondering after I came here weather I can hear songs or not. It was a new environment for me and it took me more than a month to realize that I was not listening to music. Then I started looking into oters and luckily my boss was doing that. Then I started it and till now I am listening to it and if I didn’t hear music may be somebody is screwing up with work like too many communications and meetings. Even if I have too much work I used to listen and I always feels that if I do so then I am able to complete my tasks quickly. I have one bad habit of not removing my ear phones. I don’t when I am falling sleep when I in bed while listening to music and after some time mostly it will be in morning the ear phone cable would have formed one knot around my neck and the player will be under me. Because of this one of my ear phone is not working now.. I like Ilayaraja’s music and I don’t have the collection which I had when I was in India and now I only having the AR’s collection. If I think I don’t want to get distracted by music I will listen to Thiruvasagam. It’s one of my favorite albums.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Test match drawn... Why?

This is my personal opinion about the first test which ended in draw. Why the Indians are not changing their tactics for more than a decade. Can’t we chase those 299 runs in 83 overs when we say that “we are having the best batting lineup in the world”. Then why are they still depending upon the single person Sehwag? When he got out every one taught that we are going to loose this match so lets try to draw. That’s what happened at the end. When the bowler like Kumble couldn’t take a single wicket in this pitch does it that difficult to get 299? It was last game for Kumble in his home soil and at the end he couldn’t even satisfy anyone as a player or Captain. But he said that he did his part as captain. If at all I could have been in Kumble’s place after Sehwag got out I might have asked Sachin or Dhoni or Bhaji to get in and keep the run rate high. At least this might have changed Aussies game plan and they might have taught we are also ready for their challenge and they might be under pressure if we got some runs. Even if the person who might get out at the first ball couldn’t make a difference since we lost Dravid wicket earlier. May be that could have been an advantage for Dravid’s batting and I am sure he could have got some runs on the board as well on his own clock.

I would say the FAB four and Kumble are great players and they are mentally very weak as of now. They are going in very defensive mode and I am thinking if they keep on have this mentality it’s very difficult to draw this series itself. This is the great difference between India and Australia and almost the Aussies have won the match yesterday with lots of rookies in their team. Before this series starts every body says that Aussies are very young team, inexperienced and they are having only 4 players who have played test match in India. I am sure for the rest of the series nobody will speak about this.
I would like to congratulate Ponting for his brave decision and putting the great Indian batsman’s under pressure.

Till now Kumble didn’t do any impressive task as a captain except that some good communication earlier this year. At the end, though Sachin got 49 everybody started criticize him since he didn’t pass Lara’s record. I am confident that if we need output from sachin we have to through our captain out. May be we can give a chance to Ganguly for better ending of his carrier …. :-) He is the great captain that India ever had.

I am not the only person who says this.. Click Here..

Friday, October 10, 2008

Nail biting vs Smoking

I hate it. But I can’t stop biting my nails. People who are seeing me while I am biting my nails used to scold me. Even one my friend used to ask me “weather you didn’t have food or what?”. I used to tell them that “I will stop from now onwards and this is my last bite” like the people who are smoking. In my college days and even now I am seeing lot’s of smoking people who says that “this is my last buff or cigarette” but I didn’t even seen single person who stopped smoking. It’s same case for me too. I can say that I have almost addicted to this. I am biting while am thinking while I am getting angry.. I don’t know how am going to stop it. I really feel bad about it. :-(
This my 5oth post and i would like to write a post in the future saying that i stopped bitting :-) . I hope before my 100th post i wll do....

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Global Economy and the 123 Agreement is signed

Wall street, Dow Jones, Bail out, Economy crisis.. are the words which are repeatedly written in all news papers front page and heard from all news channels. Where is the world economy going???? Banks are getting bank corrupted. (Yena koduma sir ithu.. ) The bank which never shown a loss in a single quarter in their history is closed now. The world’s capital of capital's Financial street is slumping in the economy crisis. All most all stock markets from western countries, European, Middle East to Asian markets are always shown in red. The Japan stock exchange has gone into the lowest in the history of 20 years.

In front of all these the 123 agreement has been signed by the US president and it will lead these two countries to generate the energy without affecting the environment. Will India take advantage of this and boom our country economy or few politicians swiz bank account?????? We have to wait and see…

There was an impressive speech made by the US president..

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Snow bowling

I have played few times after I came to US and I won in all those games that I have played. Though I am winning I am not interested in playing it and the only reason that I am playing this is to give company to others. I feel that if I spin the ball how the professional used to do then it will become interesting. I have tried few times to spin the ball but I couldn’t make it. I am able to get the few strikes and lots of spares though I am not spinning the ball. I may write some posts on this in the future based on my interest.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Family Vs Friends

If I count the number of phone calls that I am making to my family compare to my friends it will be 5% vs 95%. I feel that family is always with you weather you are in home or away from home. But at the same time when you don’t have contact with the friends for a month then it will become 6 months and it will become years. There are few exceptions too.. We as DONZ (our Gang) never forget to contact each other and we feel the same way as how we felt when we studied in our college. It’s been almost 7 years and still we have the same fun stuffs and try to make some trips. Except that we are not staying in a same room and we couldn’t meet everyone in a single place. There are three guys who got married in our gang and only half of the people who were able to attend the marriage. I really feel bad that I couldn’t attend any of them since I am here. I never felt that I am missing my home but there are times when I felt that I am missing my gang not even the college days. I used to make a call to my home once in a week (it’s too long that’s what people use to say) that too because I am here. When I was staying in Chennai I use to call once in 15 days and will go home once in a month. When I was studying in a college I never called my home except for one reason.. What else than Money. The reason that I am not having few contacts is because my brother is staying with them and even they feel the same though they are not expressing that they are missing me too much. If he gets married then they may really miss me … as a typical tamilian family anything can happen.

I really miss two things which I am not able to get it from my friends. Obviously the first thing is my Mom’s food and second one will be common in most of the families where two sons are there and it’s fight which I used to have with my brother. Though I am having lot’s arguments with my friends and my roommates nothing will be equal to the fight which I had with my brother.

And this is suppos to my 50th post.. But had to delete some posts so still 3 more to go... :-)
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