Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Crazy thinking...

I’ve been thinking different things at times. I wanted to keep my brain active when I don’t have much to do at work. Below are the two questions which came to my mind. I just thought of sharing it with you and get some answers too..

I was reading some share profits in “Google Finance” and I saw 10% raise on a share. Then this question came to mind, Say if your asset is increasing by 10% on each day or transaction and in the next day the 10% profit will get added to your asset. The same sequence continues for every day or every transaction. How many days or transaction are needed to make the initial asset double?? Will that be same irrespective of what the initial amount is or will it varies? If you didn’t understand the wording of my question here is an example, your initial asset on day one is 10 and it’s increasing 10% on each day and how many days will it take to make your asset as 20? Does the number you come up with is same for any asset? In other words, Is it same for 100, 132213, 1243242?

My second question has come to mind this morning, we have seen many dual role movies where the hero and his son, or the hero and his dad will be the same guy and looks exactly the same. Have you come across any real incident like this? First of all is it genetically possible? If it’s not possible then we have been fooled by our cinema world for a long time just for the sack the hero wants to do a dual role!

Now you guys might have guessed how boring I am.. :)

BTW, for the first question the answer is 8 times and it’s 15 times if the increase is 5 % and it’s 9 times if the increase is 9 % and it’s same for whatever the initial asset is. I hope my math is not wrong!!

Please somebody answer my second question..