Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Today i am bit happy abt my work. Yup i have learned some new things in .net 2005. I've downloaded the ajax tool kit and installed in my system and did some examples to learn how effectively we can use AJAX in our application. It's cool to learn some new things after a long time.
Last few days i was busy with some new things like the one which i didn't like in my college days. Yes, i've attended the MicroSoft seminar for Windows Vista and Office 2007. It was a nice experiance to attend the seminar without any company. It went well, they have implemented lot's new thinks in vista lika gadgets, Class effect, and lot's more abt the security and the performance. They have demonstrated how can we create our own application with class effect, and how to create the gadgets and all. I forgot to tell abt the desktop search that they have in vista, it's really amazing. if you want to use that in your .net application then just call that API in our application and write some small pieace of code. That's it ... it will work fine.
I've to tell abt office 2007 also. They have played like anything in that.. if you have MS office 2007 then you can do what ever you want, like develop your own form inside the word doc. Means you can what ever yor are doing in a form and you generate a report like the reporting service tools. Yup it will allow you to create a rdl(MS2005 reporing service file) and deploy with out a report server. They have shown demo in which XL is interacting with sharepoint and all.. While they were showing demo every one was look like watching some magic or some thriling movie....

Then i should say abt the lunch that they have arranged over there.. after a long time i had nice lunch outside.. it's because they have arranged the seminar on TAJ .. this is the first time that i am going into TAJ... Any way it's memorable one because of their seminar..

Let's hope tomorrow also i will learn some new things technically..... I will keep posted abt this...

Thursday, March 01, 2007

For the past days nothing happenened intrestingly... day before yesterday night i went to Mozhi movie. it's simply superb. jo acted well in that and both prakash raj and prithivraj done a good job. Today the work started normally, it's went well till lunch. At lucnh we had one surprice, yes our boss has joined with us. Every one was silent in the table he started pulling my tung. he asked somthing abt the work who are all busy with their work, then i replied that i am busiest person. He understood that i don't have much work from the way that i have replied. So taught of giving some work to me.. we were commet abt him once he left the canteen, In the afternoon i got a big shock, yup my boss called me at 3.30 and asked me to do one report in the application that too within EOD. I replied that i will do, i came out and told to subbu he is started his revenge back to us. He is started giving work to me. I started working on that report and i had taught in mind that, i have to finish this within 6'O clock. I've done it but i have some problem while moving the application into the test version. It was taking long time to move the application and finally i done it. I started composing mail to my boss saying that i have done the report and to send the URL to him to test the application. I forgot to tell u,My TL was inside my boss room from 3.30 onwards. He was just came out when i was ready to send the mail to my boss. He asked me what did you speak to him at lunch. He taught that i have told every one in my team are don't have work, so my TL spoke to me with anger. I replied that i didn't say anything abt you or abt our team, i was just told abt me only. Then again my TL was saying me that you shouldn't spoke to him like that, i was getting angry at that time. I was about to leave at that time. My PM has given some documents to be uploaded into VSS. i did that and sent a mail to him i left with angry. because of that i couldn't sit on my home system also. I was watching TV till now. At the end i taught cheking mails then finally decided to write this post. Let's see what will happen tomorrow..... :-(