Thursday, December 31, 2009


Weather has spoiled our X-mas plans and it’s also spoiling our new year plan, we didn’t have much choice than going to bowling and movies. I’ve seen few movies and here they are,

Twilight (The New Moon)
For the sentiment and lack of pace I was thinking that this movie has been copied from some Tamil movie. I could relate few scenes with Kadal Konden, but the sets and other stuffs are great and most of the people are liked. Even though I am not a big fan of vampires I didn’t hate this movie. But I won’t recommend watching this..

Blind Side
I always like the movies which are brought from the real story and this is one among them. Everybody has acted well and it’s a huge hit here. I believe everybody wants to help others like Sandra Bullock did in this movie and that could be one reason all liked it. “Big Mike” and the kid have acted so well and off course Sandra was too good.

“I am the captain of my soul” is the famous dialogue of this movie. It’s a real story of Nelson Mandela and his countries Rugbee team winning the cup. As always, Morgan freeman’s acting was too good. He is perfect to play the Nelson Mandela’s role and Matt Damn didn’t have much to do except his South African accent. The movie is so slow but it’s worth watching to get to know the few characteristics of one of the legends of this era.

Sherlock Holmes
Until I was stepping out of our room to go to this movie I didn’t know that, there is a story book called Sherlock Holmes and which was so famous. The movie has started little slow and it was getting interested as it progressed. The science has played major role in all the investigation. The amazing thing was the set to bring back the 18th century in the screen, which was too good except that nobody is alive today to say whether the 18th century is same as the one which is shown in that movie. I wish I want to be intelligent as Sherlock Holmes and as I said it’s just a wish.. :)

And finally the Avatar,
Even in a dream you can’t imagine the visual effects of this movie.. It’s the best graphics that I’ve ever seen and I heard that the director was waited for the technologies to get advanced to take this movie. That could be one reason why it took 10 years to take this movie. Kudos’s to the visual effects team who brought the directors visualization in the screen. Again in this movie I tend to relate to a Tamil movie were love and sentiments and climax fight and only kuthu songs were missing. And also the believe of god in other plant which makes us stupid. In fact the climate has been tried in Tamil long back as “கூடு விட்டு கூடு பாய்றது!”. This movie is a delight to watch in I-MAX with 3D and it’s already breaking the records and it will break all the records sooner.

That’s all I have watched in the last few weeks and wish you happy New Year to all. I am greatly exited about my trip to India next week.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's not what it's looks like..

From the day I knew about cricket and till today I never stopped to follow cricket when India is playing. This post is related to yesterday’s match, when India was in a position to win the match and everybody was expecting sachin to get hundred and that didn’t happen at the end. It has created some controversies regarding Dinesh Karthick didn’t rotate the strike to sachin instead he was hitting four’s and even one six too.

When I was looking into the below picture I didn’t watch the highlights yet, and I was trying to think what sachin is saying to DK. This what I came up with,

இது ஒரு கற்பனையே, யாருடைய மனதயும் புண்படுத்துவதற்கு அல்ல!!!

ஏன்டா ஏன்????? உன்னைய யாரு போரு, சிக்ஸ்னு அடிக்க சொன்னது....??? அடிக்க சொல்லறப்ப யாரும் அடிக்காதீங்க,
DK:அண்ணன் அது வந்து..
ST:என்னடா வந்து போயி, அதான் அடிசிட்டயே,,,,
ஒருத்தன் மொதல இருந்து குருவி சேக்கரமாதிரி ஒன்னு, ரெண்டுன்னு சேத்து வெச்சா, நீங்க கடைசில வந்து வின்னிங் ரன்
அடிச்சிட்டு போயிடுவிங்க!!!!
DK:அண்ணன் , நான் வந்து சும்மாதான் தொட்டேன், ஆனா அவன் வேகமா போட்டதுனால அது போர் போயிடிச்சு!!!
ST:டேய், ஓடிப்போயிரு இல்லாட்டி என்கிட்ட மிதி வாங்கப்போற!!!!!

The real story is,

DK was not happy that he got the four in the final ball and it was not an intentional shot and he was apologizing to Sachin while walking back to pavilion. As our hero sachin never think about his personal milestone though few people say he plays for himself. After watching the highlights I can say that sachin might have told him, “don’t worry about it, it doesn’t matter”.

So “it’s not what its looks like”.