Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Haircut in US

One of the worst things one can experience in US is “The Haircut”. I don’t know whether it’s because of the reason these people are holding the degree on this? Who cares and what ever it is, we all know that the barbers here are not that good when we compared to the barbers who are in Tamil Nadu (Only place in India where I used to do my haircut). Most barbers in India are not having any degree but they know how to satisfy the customer by changing their style to what they like. But here we can’t ask for the one (Normal haircut nothing fancy) which you wanted and even if you ask for something normal then it will end up something fancy and people will laugh at you at the end. Till my last month haircut I was thinking at least the hairs are being reduced even if it’s not looking good but last week he has cut my ear instead of my hair. Would you believe it ??? I don’t know who gave him the degree to cut the customers ear instead of cutting the hair. I felt the pain, he apologized and I was compromised since I couldn’t see any blood. But after I came out of the shop I asked my friend to check and he said it’s bleeding since it was on my back side of my ear I couldn’t see when he was cutting. Thank god it was not that big or else just think for a moment of loosing a part of my ear. I would have looked like an Alien because my ear is already big and if something is gone then definitely it would have been very noticeable. The money that they are getting for one hair cut is more than the amount which I used to spend in India for a whole year. Ok, I understand that the cost of living is high here but who is ready to loose their ear instead of their hair and it’s really hard for an Indian to get satisfaction when he comes out of the barber shop in US. I was telling this story to one my friend and he said it happened to him too.. I realized that there are lots of people who are in the barber shop who doesn’t know how to cut the hair but know how to cut the customers ear. From next time onwards I will be scared to go for haircut similar to the behavior I had when my father used to take me to saloon when I was a kid, except that my father is not here to tell if something goes wrong.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Academy winner AR Rahman!!!

First of all congrats to AR Rahman for winning the Oscar awards and he is the only person who got two awards in this 81st academy award. My heartily congratulations to Resul Pokkuty and the way he dedicated the award to our country. It’s really a great achievement and the way I am looking at this award is an eye opener for the world cinema saying that people in India are capable of doing anything. But I am little bit worried by the way some of the Indians are behaving regarding the Slum Dog Millionaire. The reason behind is this movie portrays the poor part of Mumbai city and people are thinking that because of this movie the west is thinking that India is poor and corrupted country. I am certainly disagree with this point since I am staying in a US and most of the normal US citizen’s whom I meet in a day to day life have told me that this is the best movie that they have seen. It’s not because of the reason it depicts the poor and corruption it’s because of the hope, and the interest that showed to understand the other culture. I am sure that the people who watched the movie here are fully involved in each and every scene and everybody wants the Jamal (Hero of the movie) to win the million bucks and the feel inside the theater was similar like“sachin hitting the six at the last ball to make India win”. Nobody has asked me that whether the whole India is like this because they knew that Indian’s are all over the world and the movie depicts one small part of country and in addition to that they knew that their own people who are suffering by poor in their own country. They were clear that the problem which was shown in this movie is not only exists in India which exists all over the world. 

I agree with most of my friends and people who are saying that if an Indian directed or produced this movie whether it would have been nominated for Oscar. I guess it may not but I believe that after these Oscars (nine Oscars which are based on Indian story) the world is looking at us and they will appreciate our work and I feel that this movie was the exposure to the whole world saying that we are also competing with Hollywood. Yes we do have enough talent and we will get more and more Oscars in the coming years. Finally I am really happy that the Smile Pinki has won the best Documentary and I am really happy that because of this movie Pinki got surgery for cleft-lip. These kinds of films are making awareness across our country even across world and it should be very much appreciated. 

After all the movie was based on a novel return by an Indian Vikas Swarup. So Please understand that no one from England came here to “show that India is bad or corrupted country” in a movie. Once again I really congratulate the award winners and I wish it will open the door for the Indian movies from the next academy award. I also wish if Danny Boyle can take a movie which shows the real glory of India of which none of the other countries have in the world then it will be great and he will be praised by the people who are criticizing him now. 
I wish Indian movie should win the best foreign category movie in the next academy award. This post is completely my personal opinion.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Las Vegas Trip

One of the best places I have visited in US. I had a hectic schedule of covering Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Grand Canyon because of that I couldn’t spend much time in Vegas even though I have stayed there for two nights. Los Angeles is a nice place to live and I really liked it but the place we went was not really worth while you are reaching there in the middle of night and stayed in a below average motel. The place we went was universal studio’s and I had a great expectation before going there but it was not that satisfactory though some of the reality shows were really good. One of my colleagues told me that the Sunset Blvd is a nice place to visit in the evening and he also said that I might see some of the actors and many of the costlier cars. But at the end we saw only BMW’s and few Benz nothing else. On Saturday night we returned to LV and it was 2.30 in the morning and we were really tired so we couldn’t make it to any casinos. Just think for a moment when you left your home key in LA which is 300 miles away your room when you are staying in front of the door at 2.30. Yes it happened and unfortunately nari didn’t have his apartment contact number. Thank god we had the laptop with us and thanks for that unsecured net connection too, we found the mobile number and the apartment guy came after 30 minutes and got 25 bucks for just opening the door. Even at that time we were not sure whether we left the key in motel or lost somewhere in the universal studios. When we called up the motel guy he said he can’t check at 2.30 and asked us to call in the morning. Luckily the key was there in the motel only but when we asked him to courier he wants us to send the pre-paid business reply envelop to courier the key.

For this courier we have spent an hour in the morning and the plan for Grand Canyon got delayed. We thought it will take only 4 hours to reach GC but it took more than 5 hours and finally we reached at 3.30. We had just 3 hours to view all the view points of the canyon and we completed it before three hours since it was looking almost same from all views. When we enquired in the visitor center they said the Sunset will be good but it was very cloudy so there was no sunset at all. Grand Canyon is the place not to see it’s a place where you have to camp for 2 or 3 days and do some hiking. But currently the climate is very cold and it’s mostly covered with snow so it’s not wise to go for camping now. We started in GC at 6.30 and reached LV around 10. There starts the good time of the trip.. Wow I was really amazed with the way the Casino’s were built and it was awesome. We spent 4 hours in few of the casinos and we were planning to go for the ride in the tallest building in LV but it was raining at that time and it screwed up everything. There was one fountain show in front of the Bellagio Casino and it was superb. I could able to capture the show in my camera too. Next day morning we got up at 10 and spend some time in the casinos before the flight departures and I have played the Black Jack in that time. Unfortunately I won few bucks too.. Over all Las Vegas is a wonderful place and I wanted to go again if I get a chance.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


இந்த விஞ்ஞான உலகத்துல இந்த ஜோசிய காரர்கள் நம்ம குடும்பதல ஏன்தான் இப்புடி பிரச்சனைய கிளப்புராங்க்களோ??????
என்று தணியும் இந்த ஜோசிய நாடகம்.... !!!!!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

One year away from home country

One year has been completed since I came to United States. In this one year I have learned lots of new things and I got lots of exposure which I didn’t get when I was in India. At the same time there is a huge list which I have missed because I am here. To name a few 3 marriages from our Donz gang and I missed others in the gangs to whom I used to hang out with. Next in the list is Food, Bike ride and off course my family. There are 6 to 7 guys in our gang are here and I am lucky to be spending some trip with them and it was fun as we had in our college days. I have seen lot’s new places and learned lot’s of new culture and learned to survive with bread, burgers… Stretched to work 24 X 7 and faced lot’s challenges during the work and still it’s continuing. I should say I have learned to face these challenges and still learning lot’s of new things.. I should speak about the climate which I have seen in this whole year like snow, freezing temperature even less than that and in Florida it was hot like India.

Below are few photo’s of the same place which I have taken in a different periods.

Now I am almost bored with what am doing and I am ready to take new challenges in my work and in my personal I life I used to continue as I am doing now..