Monday, March 16, 2009

Where are we heading towards?

We are experiencing a change in every day or minute that we are spending in this world in terms of living style or in terms of inventions like technologies or Science. If you think 15 to 20 years back in our life the issues or the problems were very less compare to now though the ratio of fixing the problem or issues now a days is high. But at the same time the problems or issues are growing in multiplication/permutation combination. To be frank every day we are loosing something which was good in the past. There is definitely a threshold for us and there will be end to this world.

For example 15 years back mobile phones were rare to see and I didn’t even hears of it at that time. It’s superb achievement in terms of technology but now think about every common man’s life. It’s like a cancer and we cannot stop it, most of them may be 90% of the people have lost their piece except those who are putting some “kadalai” even they are loosing without knowing it. Think about the environmental pollution by every invention.

I’m just wondering what if the CHANGE becomes variable or in other words what if there are no inventions. As of now we are just having one earth, and we are having lots of problems in that starting from neighborhood to Country border issue. Who knows??? there might be other milky way which is similar to ours and the people in their earth might be well advanced than us or may be they might be living the happy life what we had 100 years or 50 years back. I’ve just red a news which says that the ISRO has found a new bacteria’s in space which is about 20 to 40 km above from earth. Still there are no conclusions how did they come to space, whether it’s from Aliens or in some other format.

It may sound silly, but this is my wish. Stop all the inventions and think that what ever we are having now is the most updated or latest and try to save the earth by solving all the current issues and problems and then start our inventions back. Don’t say to stop the issues we have to invent something then it will continue like how it is now.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Get together

I guess it’s an easy word to write it in paper but it’s really difficult to implement that too when everybody have their won commitments. It was always get together when we were studying in college whether it’s ooty or Bangalore and whether it’s at midnight or 3 in the morning it was always implemented whether it’s plan A or B. We never thought about skipping the get together but now it’s just the opposite we never able to make a get together and even I make it to  few it’s always with one or two people. Why is it so? Does every one is completely committed with their work or we are just thinking we have lot’s of high priority work than meeting people and relax ourselves. Didn’t we had any important work when we were doing our college??? Still i could remember that when I was studying in second year the next day is a semester exam but we roamed like hell at that time.

At last I am thinking we should have project plan and a project manager to implement this. What do you say???


Saturday, March 07, 2009

IT experience …

Today one of my colleague was saying that, when our experience is increasing and our responsibility also getting increased and the job is really getting tougher and tougher every day. Is it so? 

I am accepting that the responsibility is increasing every day but does the job is getting tougher every day or it’s just our mentality of thinking that the work is getting tougher?

Why do I have a doubt like this?

When I joined as a fresher whatever I learn in my office was very new to me and i always had the feeling that I am learning lot and I was very keen of learn new things. Now after four years still in the same technology and doing the same thing using some new version of it and also trying to do it little bit faster. Since I am in development it’s always be like this and I am feeling that whether i have lost the interest of learning or I don’t have much time to do.

So is this the reason that we are thinking that the job getting tougher every day?

But people are telling that it’s getting tougher and it will get tougher if your experience ticks every day … what do you say? :)