Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Day 5 Kansas City

It's tough to remember all the things which happened few days back. I should have at least wrote the post in my mobile and posted it later. Anyways I didn't do that and let's test my memory now.

We checked out the hotel and picked a coffee at the lobby in star bucks. Problem with star hotel is you are not allowed to any work and expected to give tip everywhere. The previous night the self-garage parking was full and we had to use valet parking and we spent few minutes to search for change to give it to the guy who took the car to the front. The guy even asked us whether we need a change and It turns out he didn't have for $100 bill. Anyways we were able to find some change and hit the road earlier. We stopped at Waffle House for breakfast and the place was interesting. Though the food was good, we did see a person who keeps smoking one after another till he leaves the place. So in Midwest you are allowed to smoke or the law was not imposed properly. 

We are on the road again and I was booking a camp at yellow stone thru phone and no need to explain, how hard it would be to spell my name and address. This time though it's not just the name, it's about the dimension of our Tent and Vehicle (and they needed the exact measurement) and it took few minutes to figure out all and book the camp site.

We reached Kansas city around 3pm and went straight to the world war I Memorial and this place was something unique. If somebody wants to know the history and weapons used in WWI then this is the place you should be. The memorial also has a tower which offers a good view of Kansas City Sky Line and I don't think there is another place which offers a better view than this.

After the memorial visit we went to Toys R US to buy toys for our friends kid who will be visiting the next day. When we came out of the store there was a Mongolian Fired dish restaurant which welcomed us without the welcome board. Almost all of them were there for dinner and we were there for lunch. As per plan we will take a nap till midnight so that we can keep continue driving as soon as others join us. We decided to park our car at WWI Memorial since it offered a good view for photography and forced him to go there and take a nap. At 9 pm the ranger has asked us to take the car out since he had to close the door. We went to Wal-Mart and bought a cover for Roof Rack and loaded some of our luggage's to the top after making some space for the guys who will be joining us that night. They reached around 1 and we picked them up and the fun continues.

Some of the photos taken during Day 5.