Wednesday, June 20, 2012

3rd Day - Tennessee, Kentucky

While we were driving towards Nashville and as the time approaches midnight we checked in at a motel which was 40 miles away from the city. One of the place that we wanted to visit in Tennessee was Jack Daniel's (JD) distilleries. We had to drive one hour back in the opposite direction the next day because we have missed the exact location of JD the previous night. JD was interesting place, during the tour the guide allowed us to smell whiskey which literally let our brain float for few minutes. During the tour there were some interesting facts shared about JD and one thing which really surprised me was that the Distillery is super simple. Also do you know that the place where JD is located is Dry County. :)

Since we had to do some catch for the 2 hours that was already lost, we did not to stop at Nashville city and decided to camp when we neared the sunset. We also had a plan to cross Indiana state, so we had to take slightly off route than what was initially planned and luckily we were able to find a good camping spot at "James Auduban" state park, KY. This state park was just off the highway and it's easily accessible and also power plug and water supply provided at your camp site. This park also has Cabin's, Golf Course and Museum though we didn't had a chance to check them out I would recommend to stay at Cabin if you happen to be in that place.

After 3 hours of good sleep I couldn't sleep anymore for some reason, so i used that time to plan for next few days trip including camping plan in Yellow Stone(YS) . I am so excited about YS and can’t wait to see Bison's, Deer's, Elk's and hopefully some Bear as well.

Few pictures from day 3,

Stay tuned for more news from St Louis on my next post.